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  • Konark Concrete,
    a premium brand of Utkal Agency.
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  • Using the latest state of art technology
    we have produced 1,00,000 bricks a day.
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  • Being a quality-centric organization
    we have supplied high quality products to our clients.
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About Konark Concrete

Konark Concrete, a premium brand of Utkal Agency, is known for its superior production of Interlocking Paver Blocks, Fly ash Bricks, Concrete Blocks and various Concrete products. Using the latest state of art technology, we have a production capacity of over 1,00,000 bricks a day to serve the increasing construction demand.

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Why Us

State of art technology

We use the latest State-of-art technology,
i.e. COLUMBIA to manufacture our wide range of products, which ensures quality, strength and uniformity.

High compressive strength

Our in-house testing laboratory ensures the compressive strength of our products, which is very high compared to local products available in the market.

On time delivery

We understand that our customer’s time is very precious and we take utmost care of delivery of our products, so that it doesn’t hamper the client’s on-going job.

our technology

Columbia Machine, Inc. is the world's leading manufacturer of concrete products equipment, serving customers in over 100 countries. Columbia-Pakona Engineering Pvt. Ltd is in technical collaboration with Columbia Machine, Inc (USA).Columbia SPM 20 is designed to deliver unparalleled performance and high strength, high quality production.

Batching Plant

The Columbia batching plant weighs every gram of aggregate i.e. Cement, Sand, fly ash, stone dust, chips etc ... and delivers exact quantity required for the mix, to the pan mixer. The aggregate weigh batching system maintains accurate and consistent batching.

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Pan Mixer

Columbia pan mixers are provided with heavy duty blades and arms to effectively blend grit, cement, fly ash, ... sand and small granules. The digital water meter dispenses the required amount of water which helps in preparing proper concrete mix required.

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Concrete product Machine

Designed to deliver unparalleled performance, high strength, high quality ... production, the Model SPM 20 is the perfect machine for specialty production runs. Using high quality Columbia engineering and vibration technology, the machine ensures compaction and manufacture of high strength concrete paver blocks, retaining wall blocks, hollow concrete blocks, solid concrete blocks and fly ash bricks.

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Steam Curing

Our concrete products are cured with high pressure steam for 10-12 hours, which strengthens the product 10 ... times faster and 2 times effective than the traditional curing method.

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